Discovering Passions and Crafting Dreams: Manuel J. Villegas’ Journey in the Entertainment World

I was born on September 17th, 1974, in a city that exudes art from every corner: Granada, a gem nestled in the southern part of Spain, in the warm region of Andalusia. This land has seen the birth of illustrious figures such as Federico García Lorca, Carlos Cano, Miguel Ríos, and Manuel de Falla, whose artistic legacies merge with the very essence of the city. Since my childhood, I was enchanted by the spell of music, a romance that would accompany me throughout my life.

Fortunately, I was able to channel my love for music while studying Piano and simultaneously pursuing studies in Marketing, Business Administration, and English. It was during this time that I began weaving the threads that would unite my passion and profession. My journey into the world of entertainment started modestly, as a pianist accompanying various bands and talented local artists. This humble beginning turned out to be the foundation of an exciting journey.

At the age of 20, alongside my work in the family business, a creative seed sprouted within me, and I planted it with determination: ‘Flamenkito.Com’, an online store specializing in flamenco items and instruments. However, destiny had other fascinating plans for me. When a client sought a flamenco show for their event, I didn’t hesitate to connect them with a friend who could provide such a service. But the second time this request echoed, my inner voice spoke louder: “I am that contact.” And so, at that moment, ‘TOTALISIMO,’ the enterprise I now proudly lead, was born.

Over the course of a quarter-century, ‘TOTALISIMO’ has grown and evolved steadily. What started as an idea has flourished into an International Artist and Talent Booking Agency, a Management Agency, a Comprehensive Event Organizer, and a Marketing, Advertising, and Campaigns Agency. The story of ‘TOTALISIMO’ is a testament to a dream that came to life and became a driving force in the entertainment industry.

With over 80 countries as a backdrop and an extensive list of international artists, ‘TOTALISIMO’ has woven a tapestry of enriching experiences. Mentioning every artist and project would be like trying to embrace an ocean, but there are names that shine like stars in my journey: Pastora Soler, Plácido Domingo, Andrea Bocelli, Raphael, José Carreras, Montserrat Caballé (RIP), Steve Aoki, Rosario Flores, Julio Iglesias, Diego el Cigala, Ana Torroja, Gipsy Kings, Juan Magán, and many more. Behind each name, a story, a melody, and often, a friendship that blossomed against the backdrop of shared success.

My journey in the entertainment world has been a tapestry woven with passion, effort, and dedication. Every musical note I’ve played and every event I’ve brought to life stand as a testament to my commitment to creating unforgettable moments. As I continue to write chapters in this story, I feel grateful for dreams realized and excited for those that lie ahead.

Manuel J. Villegas